Drain Services

Drain Services

Distinctive Plumbing Solutions

Distinctive Plumbing Solutions deliver blocked drain services to Adelaide every single day.

DPS Drain Services & Hydro-jet Cleaning

Blocked drains and sewers can be a real inconvenience, but beyond that, they can directly compromise your family’s health and safety.

Distinctive Plumbing Solutions are Adelaide’s own drainage specialist. Our services span:

Services for unblocking storm water, sewer, shower, toilet and down pipe drains

Distinctive Plumbing Solutions operate fully-equipped vehicles and use industry-best CCTV to peer into drains and ascertain what is causing the blockage. From this point, we tailor our approach depending on what’s causing the blockage. In many cases, we use a zero-damage high-pressure water jetter to blast through the blockage and return your pipes to working order.

Drain repairs, replacements & maintenance

In the instances where your pipes have been cracked or damaged (usually due to earth movement or tree roots), we may be required to carry out drain repairs or replacements. Our professional solutions attempt to avoid any unnecessary damage to your structure or yard, and when digging is required, we attempt to make the entire process as fast, professional and stress-free as possible.

As always, maintenance is the best way to ensure your drains and pipework stay healthy for years to come. Distinctive Plumbing Solutions offer thorough maintenance services to our customers who want to minimise the risk of drain and pipework problems down the track.

Distinctive Plumbing Solutions are Adelaide’s drain repair, replacement and maintenance experts. We know blocked pipes are a drain to deal with. Contact us today and we’ll deliver fast-relief, professionally-executed solutions.

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