Leaking Taps

Leaking Taps

Distinctive Plumbing Solutions

Leaking taps don’t only drain your water supply for no good reason, they can also strain your finances, too.

While the incessant dripping of your tap is an obvious giveaway of a leaking taps, if you’re waking up to a wet basin each morning, seeing a water streak emerge on your sink or shower wall or if you’ve noticed a muddy puddle below your outdoor faucet – it’s likely you’re suffering a leaking tap.

Beyond being annoying – leaking taps can be an unnecessary squeeze on your water bill (and if it’s warm water – your energy bill too). While we hate the pooling water from a leaky tap or shower – mould loves it. The team at Distinctive Plumbing Solutions will repair your leaking tap quickly – so you don’t have to concern yourself with nasty mould or rising water & energy bills.

Distinctive Plumbing Solutions are an honest bunch – we know that tradespeople are often criticised for being unreliable. Unfortunately, in many cases, they are.

We aim to provide a service that is distinctively different to those in the industry that have built a poor reputation for plumbers everywhere. Simply, we show up on-time, we work quickly, cleanly and provide a 100% workmanship guarantee on every project we complete. One of our main goals is to provide this service at prices that the local Adelaide community can actually afford. Our upfront fixed pricing allows you to get your leaking tap repaired, without breaking the bank.

Don’t let your money trickle down the drain.
Contact Distinctive Plumbing Solutions today for high-quality leaking tap repair in Adelaide & surrounds.

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