Toilet Services

Toilet Services

Distinctive Plumbing Solutions

Without a functioning toilet in your home, life can get uncomfortable fast.

DPS Toilet Services

Problematic toilets are up there with the most common issues our customers call us about. A functioning toilet is hands-down, one of the most important items in the house. It is so integral to the functions of the household that by contrast, it makes everything else look like luxury items. Led by a qualified Master Plumber, we have eons of experience in handling toilets that have a bad attitude.

Some of the most common problems we see are:

  • Constantly running toilets
  • Blocked toilets
  • Toilets slow to fill with water
  • Non-flushing toilets
  • Evidence of dripping water around the base of the toilet

Distinctive Plumbing Solutions offer affordable and effective solutions to toilet services plumbing dramas. Our team is customer-focused at every step of the way. For our local customers, this means a level of service that doesn’t neglect the details. We offer each of our customers a 100% workmanship guarantee, same-day service, no-obligation quotes and fixed upfront pricing.

We aren’t in the business of sneaky added fees, we’re in the business of ensuring Adelaide has plumbing that they can rely on.

If your blocked toilet is causing you grief, don’t sleep on it.
Reach out to the team at Distinctive Plumbing Solutions for speedy solutions to your toilet troubles.

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